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Ciao! I’m Andrea Margiovanni.

I’m a web enthusiast and new-tech fan.

I consider myself an easy going, committed, trustworthy and proactive person.

Over time my commitment has focused on frontend technologies because I love to use things that are both beautiful and functional ;)

In the last few years I’ve contributed to the making of fabulous projects for several Italian and international top-player companies (write me PM to talk about them).

What am I doing.

I’m currently working (in an agile workflow) using these technologies in a profitable way:

HTML, JS (es6), Sass, Grunt, Gulp, JQuery, Angular, React, Yeoman, Wordpress, Symfony, MongoDB, C#, Razor,, REST API, Cordova, Ionic, GitFlow.

Contact me.

Write me “ciao” at or feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter, iMessage or Facebook.

Nothing else yet to say. Have a nice day ;)

Pssssst! Post scrittum.

I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cat has learned how to type.

Andrea Margiovanni.